Lea Michele on always knowing she was “Dorothy”.

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#Noah Puckerman Glee’s forgotten hero.

Puckleberry in 5x12, Episode “100” 

Lea Michele and Mark Salling attend Fox’s GLEE 100th Episode Celebration  on March 18, 2014 in LA


look at them dancing though! LEA AND MARK NOAH AND RACHEL ARE DANCING! and those few seconds were the best moment of 5x12 for me.
why does glee hate my OTP!?

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You go through a lot of different emotions and mindsets …

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Mark Salling: “I’m going to do some more traveling and finish up the next album, which you will hear about soon. The songwriting and recording doesn’t ever stop, hiatus or not.”



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What annoys me is that RIB feel the constant need to ruin every possible love interest of Rachel’s in order to make Finn look like the better option for her and the “hero” of the show.